Colo Atl facilities are among the most advanced and secure available. They also happen to be located in one of the most strategic telecom hubs in the world, Atlanta Georgia!

Riser Connectivity:

Two (2) vertical diverse 4″ conduits are installed with 3-compartment Maxcell Sleeves in each conduit from Colo Atlanta on the 5th floor down to the 1st floor and up to the 18th floor. Each vertical 4″ conduit riser has pull boxes located on every other floor for lateral connections to all tenants in the building. Currently horizontal conduits are installed to Colo at 55 on the 21st floor, Comcast and Level 3 / Broadwing on the 19th floor, SDN & ITC DeltaCom/IFN on the 18th floor, Tulip Systems on the 17th floor, Future Tenant on the 16th floor, Qwest Communications on the 7th floor, Paetec / US Lec on the 6th floor, and Cogent, Cyber Wurx, Time Warner Telecom & Verizon / MCI on the 5th floor.

All future horizontal conduit connections to any tenant in building can be installed in industry-leading five (5) working days.


  • Five independent 5-Ton HVAC Units are installed on the 5th floor

  • Additionally three independent 20-Ton, five independent 30-Ton, one independent 22-Ton and seven independent 5-Ton HVAC units are installed on the 8th floor

Fire Suppression:

  • Pre-Action/Dry Pipe Sprinkler System on the 5th Floor connected to the base building Fire Alarm System

  • FM200 System on the 8th Floor connected to the base building Fire Alarm System


  • 24-Hour Surveillance Camera System

  • Electronic Card Key Entry
  • Access to Colo Atlanta is available 24/7

Featured Tenants

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